The Centre has been operating since 2006 in Nemesvita, at the junction of the Keszthely Mountains and the Tapolca Basin. 3 km from Lake Balaton – it was created with the aim of offering its guests the loving of horse riding, but above all the experience of cross-country riding. Nowadays, more than 15 hectares of land are at the service of horses and riders, offering a wide range of services in addition to cross-country riding.
The equestrian infrastructure of the Centre is completed by a riding hall, restaurant, apartments and wellness area. The wooden stables (with Top & Bottom Stable Doors to Rear) can accommodate up to 24 horses at the same time. The stalls are 3.5m x 3.5m, well ventilated, with a compressed soil floor, are ideally sized for horses and are equipped with a self-setting bedding system, with a total of 12 hectares of pasture. There are 3 side shelters on the pasture for turned out horses. Medical supervision, farrier and shoeing are provided. We have qualified, experienced and truly horse-loving staff. There are more variations of cross-country trails in the area, with large meadows or wooded hillsides.

We have regularly maintained riding trails:

25m x 50m fenced (sand covered) outdoor arena

50m x 50m outdoor grass track

25m x 45m sand covered indoor riding hall

sand-covered round pen with treadle

Egri Tamás, Equital Nemesvita

Egri Tamás

Petre Lajos

Lajos Petres

Stable master
Egri Réka, Equital, Nemesvita

Egri Réka

Our services

Horse boarding in stall or turnout

Our stalls are available for hire. The rent includes the use of pasture, feed and tracks. The horses are kept under veterinary supervision and shod. We only conclude a long-term contract – for a minimum of 6 months – which includes details of the services and expectations associated with the stabling.


Horse boarding in stall, with usage of riding hall: 110.000 HUF/month/horse

Horse boarding in turnout: HUF 50,000/month/horse

Home for retired horses

We believe that the responsibility of a horse owner takes for life. Our faithful four-legged companion, who has given us so many pleasurable experiences, recreation and even racing successes, deserves to live a carefree, peaceful and caring life in his old age. At the Equital Equestrian Centre, we take care of our older horses, providing them with the care they need for their age and condition.

Horse recreation

Horses of our time can often have mental and burn-out problems due to the way they are kept and used. In many cases, their use can be hampered by physical injury and/or rehabilitation after surgery. We would like to offer an alternative for this period. Through our care, on-demand medical supervision and our work, we strive to get your horse back to service in a better condition, both physically and mentally. During his rest and recuperation, we will also provide him with a recharging and relaxing environment.

Foal dormitory

Are you looking for the ideal place for your sweet six-month-old foal? Are you looking to prepare your green horse for conscious training but don’t know where to start? At our Centre we offer boarding for green horses from an age of your choice, with basic training on request.
Csikó kollégium. equital lovasudvar és lovarda, nemesvita

Therapeutic riding

The relationship between horse and man goes back thousands of years. No other animal has developed such a deep and special relationship as between man and horse, which is primarily a physical and spiritual recharging of the body and soul. It moves our body and spirit, regenerating us physically, psychologically and mentally, relieving stress and giving us positive emotions. All branches of equine therapy benefit from the „collateral” benefits of the horse, of working with the horse. The closeness and touch of the horse and the horseback riding have a stress-reducing effect, improve motor coordination, help to focus attention, develop sensory integration and help to connect with nature. Therapeutic horseback riding services are also available with a qualified equine therapist.

Go on holiday with your horse

Do you want to relax and would you like to do the same for your hoofed pet? With us, you don’t have to choose between the two as you can relax in the same place with all your family members, including your dog and even your horse.

From a double room to a family garden apartment, you can choose from full board or no board.

A stall is available for your horse with full board. In addition to using the trails, you have the opportunity to go horseback riding in the Balaton Highlands, with a guide if required.

For more information about accommodation options, visit the Matild Country Hotel website.


Are you looking for the ideal location for a seminar, training or demonstration on equestrian topics, where you can share your knowledge in an authentic setting? We can provide a venue for equestrian training courses, presentations, conferences in any equestrian discipline, with accommodation and meals on request.
Lovas képzések, Equital lovasudvar, Nemesvita

Riding instruction

Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced rider, Equital will provide you with personalised riding tuition tailored to your skill level, and our experienced, qualified instructors, reliable horses and scenic countryside will ensure an unforgettable experience.


10-session riding pass: 75.000 HUF

20-session riding pass: 140.000 HUF