Matild Kitchen

In our restaurant we prepare meals from the gastronomic ingredients of the nearby region and the Balaton Uplands.

We do not adhere to the cliches. We prepare meals that we gladly eat as well and after testing them within the family the guests will be pleased with them, too. We are continuously trying out new meals and changing our menu.

We make our meals from fresh and market garden ingredients originated from the nearby regions. The meals of the restaurant are made by thinking further of the Hungarian flavours according the European taste and in a healthy and home-made style. Our choice is adjusted to the given season, and upon request to the demands and diet of the guests.

We try to provide flavours to our guests in Equital, which they cannot taste anywhere else. Besides the meals of the restaurant this is also true for the local milk and meat products, wines, home made syrups and jams.

In our restaurant we only serve our hotel guests, so the quiet relaxation far from the noises of the outer world is also guaranteed here. We only organize events out of season in periods, when there are no guests in the hotel besides the participants of the programme.


Our rich all-you-can-eat breakfast offers the nearby and home-made meals. We buy home-made cheese and yoghurt, country ham and sausage. We prepare home-made jams, liver pâté and unique breakfast meals, which are supplemented by local fruit, vegetable, juice, muesli and corn flakes.


During the day, our guests can choose from our a’la carte menu. At the compiling of the a’la carte menu the main aspect was to include such "safe" meals, which almost everyone eats (even children!).


You can decide over the half board on every day at the site!

In our daily choice: two kinds of soup or appetiser, two kinds of main course (home-made speciality) with garnish and salad, one dessert. Besides or instead of this our guests can choose from our a’la carte menu as well.

Price of the all-you-can-eat meal:

  • until 3 years of age we only charge half board service for specific request.
  • between 3 and 12 years of age: 15 EUR/person/night
  • above 12 years of age and for adults: 20 EUR/person/night

Individual diets

After a consultation in advance we gladly help you in the adherence to unique diets: lactose-free, gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan diet won't be a problem at all. Moreover, we can take into account other individual allergies when we prepare our meals following a discussion on site.

Fruit cream soup with elderberry mousse 1250 Ft
Vegetable cream soup with cheese 1250 Ft
Meatsoup with vegetables 1250 Ft
Green salad with cheese 1900 Ft

Dumplings with eggs and salad with vinegar 1500 Ft
Bagel with pork 1750 Ft
Croissant with smoked trout and horse radish cream 1900 Ft
Tortilla (chicken/ pork, vegetables, salad) 1500 Ft/ 1750 Ft

Salad with chicken/ feta/ fisch 1750 Ft/ 2300 Ft
Grilled vegetables and feta 2300 Ft
Home made noodles with tomato/ cream/ pesto + chicken/ feta/ fisch 2300 Ft/ 2500 Ft
Spicy chicken stripes with pommes 2500 Ft

Salmon-trout with homemade noodles and pesto 3400 Ft
Chikenrolls with cheese and apple, polenta 2900 Ft
Porkfilet with colorful vegetables 3400 Ft
Round of veal with sage and ham 3400 Ft
Winer Schnitzel (veal in panko bread crumbs) 3400 Ft

Elderberry mousse with berries 990 Ft
Carot cake with salted caramel and elderberry cream 1100 Ft
Cottage cheese cake with fruits 990 Ft
Pancake with home made marmalade 650 Ft