Experiences at the Lake Balaton

The Equital Horse Farm is situated in the protected area of the Balaton Uplands National Park. Our guests can discover the unique natural value of this beautiful and diverse countryside.

One of the few unique landscapes in Hungary where rural charm meets romantic excitement. Old volcanos, hills with vineyards, mysterious forests, rustling reeds and the wavering view of Lake Balaton are the special features of this area.

The Balaton Upland is rich in geological, natural values and historical relics. The volcanos of the Tapolca basin, the basalt organ of the Szent György Hill – the mysterios forstes of the Keszthely Mountain and the intact wilderness of Lesencek makes our riding tours unforgettable. The ruins of medieval churches, chapels on the hills, rural mansions along the streets, ruins of medieval castles on the top of the hills remind us of the spirit of the ancient ages.

The northwestern corner of the Balaton region is memorable for every visitor. It is the home of clean air, quiet, calm, peaceful spirit, fine wines with unique natural characters and oustanding hospitality. Beside the natural, geological and historical values of the Keszthely Mountain, Tapolca basin and Káli basin, the towns of this region await you with a variety of attractions: Keszthely, Tapolca, Badacsony and Hévíz.

Not to mention relaxing while paddling in the mellow water of Lake Balaton, which is just three kilometers away from our Horse Farm.

  • Nemesvita (1 km): Westernpark
  • Balatonederics (3 km): Afrika Museum, cave tour, beach
  • Balatongyörök (5 km): lookout point
  • Szigliget (8 km): churches, castle ruins
  • Szent-György hill (8 km): basalt organs, icecave, chappel, wine cellars
  • Tapolca (10 km): cavelake, millpond
  • Gyenesdiás (10 km): lookout point, adventure park
  • Rezi (25 km): Dinopark
  • Badacsony (12 km): wine cellars, basalt organs
  • Keszthely (15 km): Helikon castle, Balaton Museum, Port
  • Salföld (15 km): naturpark farm depicting origin of Hungarians
  • Kornyi-lake (20 km)
  • Balatonszentgyörgy (20 km): Star Castle
  • Sümeg (20 km): Sumeg Castle, Knight Tournament & Medieval Feast
  • Little-Balaton (25 km): nature park island with rich bird colonies
  • Kápolnapuszta (25 km): Buffalo park
  • Zánka (25 km): Challange park, Army park
  • Kehidakustány (30 km): Spa
  • Nagyvázsony (35 km): Fortress
  • Tihany (40 km): Peninsulaand historical district, , Benedictine Tihany Abbey, , lavender products for purchase
  • Balatonfüred (40 km): Aquapark
  • Veszprém (45 km): Zoo, Castle district
  • Balatonfűzfő (70 km): Balaton Bob, Adventure park
  • Hunting – Keszthelyi-hills forests 1-2 km
  • Swimming: beach – Balatonederics 4 km
  • Cave exploring - Balatonederics 3 km
  • Golf - Balatongyörök – 5 km
  • Sailing – Szigliget 8 km
  • Surfing – Vonyarcvashegy 8 km
  • Wake-board – Vonyarcvashegy 8 km
  • Beach volleyball, beach football - Vonyarcvashegy 8km
  • Shooting – Gyenesdiás 15 km
  • Tenis – Keszthely 15 km
  • Hot air balloon rides - Hévíz 20 km
  • Hévíz (20 km): Thermal lake
  • Kehidakustány (30 km): Spa
  • Balatonfüred (40 km): Aquapark
  • Zalaegerszeg (60 km): Thermal bath
  • Sárvár (60 km): Therapeutic bath and spa

Bicycle tours at Lake Balaton

Our guests who like bicycle tours instead of horse riding, can find an excellent location in the Western part of Lake Balaton. The beaches, the volcanic buttes, the wine-producing hillsides can all be accessed on two wheels starting from Equital. The countryside offers possibilities also for tourists fond of hiking and cultural heritages.

If we are talking about bicycling at Lake Balaton, the Balaton-round comes to the mind of everyone first. However, the 200-km-long tour is not just the only opportunity here. In the West Balaton region a lot of bicycle trails were developed. All of them can be accomplished by starting from Equital.

Our region offers the following bicycle tours and you can find out more information and a map by clicking on the given tour:

1. Bicycle tours around Lake Balaton

On these tours (with a small ship trip) you can roam through the western part of the North and South shore of Lake Balaton.

2. Bicycle tours in the Keszthely Mountain

The tours in Keszthely Mountain require more serious preparedness, but the bicycle tourists become familiar with more diverse natural and cultural values. The forest roads blocked from traffic and furnished with viewpoints promise real relaxation.

3. Bicycle tours around Badacsony

Biking among the buttes of Balaton Uplands you can admire the special panorama and the hillsides of vineyards.

4. Bicycle tours in Tapolca basin and in Káli basin

You can roam the wonderful countryside of Tapolca basin and Káli basin on low traffic roads. Every village offers something new with various recreational facilities. There is no official collection about the tours that can be organised here, but our guests can find several experience reports on the internet and we provide help in Equital with the use of map. We recommend these tours for hobby and sport cyclists (they are not for families).

Hiking trails at Lake Balaton

Because of the perfect location of Equital it is not just the venue of horse and bicycle trips but it can be a starting point of hiking trails as well.

  • The untouched downhills and forests of Keszthely Mountain, the unique Balaton panorama from the viewpoints worth the trouble both for children and adults.
  • In the course of trips at Badacsony or Szent-György Hill beyond the great panorama we can taste the famous wines of Balaton (Badacsony) even by visiting wine cellars one after the other.
  • The Little Balaton provides unforgettable memories for those who love the nature and the birds.
  • Path of Pele father: this 8.5-km-long path is consist of more shorter and longer tours between Balatongyörök and Balatonederics with 38 tourist stops. We especially offer this for children to get acquainted with the forest habitats and natural values of the region.
  • On the trail of castle ruins: Szigliget, Csobánc, Rezi, Tátika, Sümeg