Breathtaking natural environment

Horses running around the vast, green grasslands, wild flower meadows, panorama encompasses by volcanic buttes, wild and romantic forests, hilltops with spectacular view to the Balaton, waving Balaton, wine cellars hid in the hillside with their vineyards.

Anyone of the above listed capabilities would be enough for the relaxation of a person coming from a town. However, in Equital all of these are ensured in one place.

From the rooms of the pension there is a great view to the grasslands, the buttes and the forest. From the terrace of the restaurant you can enjoy the sight of the horses scudding in the grasslands or you can watch your family members n the paddocks. From our pool there is a view to the Szent-György Hill and Szigliget.

If just sit down in the middle of the garden in the grass and close your eyes, the sunshine will warm your face and you can hear the the sounds of nature: rustling of the trees, buzzing of the bugs, chittering of the birds and neighing of the horses.

Nemesvita - a village locate next to the Keszthely Mountain - is a favourable venue for the fans of active tourism, the families with children and guests who want to withdraw from the world. The panorama from Equital is determined by the volcanic buttes of Balaton Uplands. At the side of the Keszthely Mountain verdant forests, hiking trials and viewpoints are waiting for you. Lake Balaton is 3 kilometres away. The favourite places of tourists can be accessed even by bicycles. Badacsony, Szent-György Hill, Szigliget, Keszthely, Tapolca are all within 15 kilometres.